1 Cup of this Drink will Burn your Abdominal Fat like Crazy!


1 Cup of this Drink will burn your Abdominal Fat like crazy. Besides, there are certain fats that never seem to be eliminated, right? If you need a little help to say goodbye to the little ones, you’ll enjoy knowing the magic drink that dries your belly in just 5 days.

This drink is suitable for women who attend the gym and maintain a balanced diet without being able to eliminate the belly.

Remember that there are no magic formulas and that the drink mentioned below will have effect on those already close to the ideal body, having problems only to get rid of the swelling and localized fats.

Those who are still overweight can use this drink as a helping hand to eliminate a few pounds, since it is thermogenic (raises body temperature to eliminate calories), however, it will take more than 5 days to dry the belly.

Ginger Tea Drying the Tummy:

The option for a tea to dry the fat is the best, because it is a drink made from natural ingredients in a way that is not a remedy and does not cause unpleasant side effects.

This recipe we teach below combines the power of ginger, cinnamon and clove to eliminate the little handles.

The power of a thermogenic tea

As we mentioned above, this drink that dries the belly is efficient because it is thermogenic, that is, a drink that raises the temperature of the body in order to promote and eliminate calories and consequently of the little hands.

Your body works on caloric burning even when you are at rest with the help of this drink.

Tea that can be consumed daily and offers significant reduction of belly bloating in just 5 days.

Have you thought about keeping your belly in only 5 days?


Tips for Drinking Dry Tea to Tummy

It is important to note that the consumption of this tea can not exceed two cups a day, the recommendation is to have a cup on waking and another before sleeping.

How to make tea dry the belly?

Check out the recipe below and make this magic drink in your home that will help dry your belly in just 5 days.


1 stick of Cinnamon ,

10 Cloves s,

Portion of grated Ginger (quantity to taste)

500 ml of water

Method of preparation:

The 500 ml of water should be in a pan on the fire, when you realize that it began to boil you should add the Clove and  Cinnamon .

Wait for the ingredients to boil in the water for 5 minutes.

Afterwards turn off the heat and add grated Ginger to taste.

Cover the canister in which you made the tea and wait for it to rest for about 3 minutes.

Drink the tea while it’s still warm.

On the fifth day, when you are having this tea, you will notice that your belly is much less swollen.

You can continue to make use of the drink provided it is not causing any side effects.

Extra tip:  Green tea has become a real fever among people who are looking to build the body of dreams, and can be a great option also to dry the belly, check out the recipe below.


1 liter of water

3 pineapple slices (should not be too thick)

20 grams of Green Tea .

Method of preparation:

Put 1 liter of water in a pan and bring to the fire as soon as you notice the first bubbles appear in the water turn off the fire.

Then add the Green Tea in the water while it is very hot.

Cover the canister and wait for this infusion to rest for about 10 minutes.

Finally put the tea in the blender to beat together the slices of Pineapple .

Strain the tea and drink.

This tea can be consumed daily and also shows positive results in 5 days.

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